Newly Diagnosed

After not having a pap smear for 10 years I have just had the results come back with cancer cells present. I have made an appointment with a specialist for a biopsy and diagnosis, and since I had waited so long I am terrified that it is going to be not such good news. Does anyone have any suggestions to help me keep my sanity while I wait for the bomb to drop?


  • nnethery
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    I have had yearly paps sense I was 15 and now I'm 19 and cancer cells showed. I had two biopsies done and they came back the cells were coverig half of my cervixs and thats the second stage of cin. Diadnosis was to have leep done and after the nurse veiwed the cells they had grow to large and on one side of my vagina wall. Sense then my treantments have been prolonged and I'm in a very high risk and con't do any thing and
    I know when I get the right treatment it's going to be bad news because of how fast it has been growing.
    As soon as you get your results make sure you know ever detail and get what ever surgury you need done protly and you should have no problems. One good thing is you have a specialist and I was sent to a clinic were you are put lower down of the list if you have no insurance. I think every thing will turn out all right and I'll be praying for you!
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    I missed 1 year of not having a pap. I was bleeding for a couple of months and knew something was wrong. I went to a female clinic and told that there was cells on my cervix & not to worry about it. I then went to the ER and there Dr was boked. When I finally was able to get to see a real Dr, she scheduled me for a D&C after my first visit. Please try to keep a positive attitude that is what helped me a lot and if you believe in God talk to him and if you have a minister or friend and family talk to them. If you want to e-mail me at [email protected]. I had my surgery when I was 33 and now I am 42 if I can survive so can you. I didn't you about a year and a half later I had to have my left ovary taken out I still my right one. Hang in there
  • I will keep you in my prayers. First thing you need to do is find out what type and stage. Then start researching all types of treatments, talk to several doctors and other surivors of that type of cancer. I wish I had that magical power to take your worry away, all I can do is be here to talk and give suggestions. Anita