Mini Allogeneic BMT...

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Has anyone ever gone through a Mini Allogeneic BMT? I will be in April, and was hoping someone could give me some info on it. I did some research but I like to hear from people who may have expierenced it. I'm 28 yr old, female, & having already undergone an Autologous Stem Cell. Thanks!!


  • fargojeff
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    I do believe that I went through a mini-BMT. It is pretty much the same as a Stem Cell Transplant. I think it just means that the bone marrow that you will be receiving is your own, not from a different donor. I was 18 years old when mine was done, and its been going well for the past 16 months.
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    I hope you are still with us, did you have you'r BMT? I had stem cell in nov.01 what can I expect and where do I go for info?