Loss of vagina and reconstructive surgery


I actually have rectal cancer but it grew quite large and has invaded the vagina. I will be losing most if not all of my vagina.This has thrown me for a loop. I find it easier to face the loss of my rectum and a likely permanent ostomy.

I was hoping there might be someone here who has faced the same thing. I was also hoping someone might have some input on the reconstructive surgery. I don't need to decide right away since my surgery is too complex to add it in (colorectal, gynecological, and urologist all need to coordinate). But what I've read sounds very difficult and I don't know if it's worth considering down the road.


  • NoTimeForCancer
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    Ahhh, Susan, I am so sorry to hear what you are facing. It is a little quiet here and I would suggest going to SHARE Cancer Support as well since they have a Cervical cancer group.

    It makes sense you want to talk with someone who has the experience and can give you some insight - again - just a little quiet here.

    Hugs dear

  • skippingLiz
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    I'm sorry, I have not had this experience, but I feel for you. ((Hugs)) I just had part of my vulva removed, and even that gave me a bit of an identity crisis. Much love to you.

  • Susan13a
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    Thank you for the suggestion. I noticed it was quiet but had nowhere else to go. I will try SHARE.

    I appreciate the response and sympathy, the hardest part is feeling alone.