Small cell lung cancer

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Hi I am 40 years old and just found out in January that I have stage 4 mestatic small cell lung cancer secondary liver cancer and they've given me 10 to 12 months to live it's in my bones my pancreas my gallbladder my ovaries. I have a 19 year old and a 2 year old and they'll keep telling me I'm dying but I don't feel sick still I went to the hospital thinking I just had a pinched nerve in my back I found all this out is there anybody up there who can give me some hope some tips I can't die before my baby's old enough to remember me I've done birthday cards for both of my sons till they're 50 years old so the boys have a birthday card from their mom and I've started recording as much as I can for them but I'm not ready to I going to feel sick before I die or will I go from feeling just fine like I do now to dead??!!!


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    Hi…I’m Sandra. I have stage 3 sclc, it’s considered limited as its only in my left lung and lymph nodes in close proximity. I never asked for a prognosis because I just don’t think I could handle knowing. I don’t have the answers you’re looking for but just wanted to say, you’re not alone. I completed my last round of chemo 3 weeks ago and 33 rounds of radiation to my chest. My hair is gone, I’m exhausted, my sodium levels are a constant threat. Chemo can hurt your kidneys if you’re not well hydrated but hydrating is not an option for me due to fluid restriction. Ive been admitted to the hospital for sepsis because it leaves you with no immunity for a while. Everything about this disease is has been a nightmare, but we gotta keep fighting. I highly recommend a facebook group specifically for small cell….very informative! Many success stories! Its called the Small Cell Lung Cancer Support Community.
    Hope to see you there.