New Life, New Dad, New Cancer

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Hi there. My Dad moved in with my Husband and I back in June. We knew he was sick and that he was moving out here to be with us towards the end of his life. It's been touch and go emotionally, but until recently it's been manageable.

His lung cancer has doubled in size since September and he also has severe centrilobular emphysema along with an enlarged prostate and degenerative disk disease in his neck and back.

He had to go to the ER last night and ended up staying overnight. I've not been able to sleep so I left my husband in the room and have been doing research and falling down rabbit holes all night/morning.

He already stated he doesn't want to do treatment and just wants to make life as nice as possible until the end. We are 100% here for him in all his wishes, I am just terrified and sad. I'm lost and confused. I know to give him his privacy relating to the illness and progression, but when do I start being firm about joining on doctor visits and other appointments? When do I be more assertive about getting the information?

This is really hard on my husband as well, but he is handling it a lot better. We are here for each other all around and it definitely makes it easier.

Any advise, anything to share at all…feel free.


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    He had to stay in the ER overnight due to pneumonia