Robotic Prostatectomy - How Long Afterwards to Resume Activities?

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I'm almost certainly going to be having the procedure soon (see my recent thread) but wanted to ask specifically about how long it generally takes to resume various activities. I work from home so I would think that would be ideal for getting back to work as quickly as possible. For those with sedentary jobs, how long was it before you could work again?

I'm also an avid cyclist, runner, and strength train. I have maintained my fitness through the process so far. How long does it generally take before these activities could be resumed?



  • Clevelandguy
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    This kind of info should come from your doctor depending on how intense your surgery was. For me I was up and walking daily two days after surgery. There was some lifting/straining requirements for a few weeks but I can’t remember the exact timeframe.

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    I also worked from home when I had my prostatectomy. I had the procedure on a Monday, and I was working on Thursday.

  • JasonB176
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    Thanks for sharing your experience. That makes me hopeful that I won't have to miss too much work.

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    I walked 4-6 miles a day starting day 2 (drained my bag in the sewer since traveled to LA for surgery and seems to be ok there). Started lifting 15lbs and doing light lunges day 4. low grade. avid fitness buff also and cyclist- started indoor cycle on week 3 with extra padding so as not to put pressure on perineum where surgery was done. by 3 months back to full workouts. once abdominal incision fully healed (start too early and can get incisional hernia). No incontinence after 3 months and only night leakage until then and ED was an issue for 8 months- use pump daily to prevent scarring and start cialis immediate daily and viagra 1x/wk to keep blood flow. I am at 18 months now and no issues. be patient eat clean. stay fit but be smart all will be well