Orgovyx stomach pain side effect

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For those of you taking ADT med ORGOVYX.. I began taking Orgovyx about 2 1/2 weeks ago as a replacement for FIRMAGON which I initially took for 2 months with only minor side effects. Now on Orgovyx I have developed upper stomach cramping in upper abdomen just under rib cage. I have some history with diverticulitis but it usually goes away after a week or so. The cramping got worse and won’t go away so I went to a Gastoentologist. He figured it was gall bladder instead so I underwent multiple tests including a CAT with contrast and no issues were detected. That caught me by surprise then I thought about maybe a reaction to the ORGOVYX. So my question is has anyone out there who is taking Orgovyx or was taking it have or had any stomach cramping issues? Thanks guys


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    I have had some but not bad . I also had my gallbladder out in 2022. I cannot conclude it is not from radiation but overall no bad side effects