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Good morning, does anyone know where they raise funds to help us with expenses, thank you


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    Hello Totorita and welcome to the CSN H&N discussion forum.

    Is your husband diagnosed already and are they working on a treatment plan for him? If you would like could you give us some details as to generally where you are and your husband's case and is he going to be treated at a local cancer center, hospital, or major cancer center?

    As far as selling his photos that could be an excellent way to raise money but for now you have to get his cancer treated and get him through this trying time. So, I did a little research and it appears that there are lots of people selling their photos online and that seems to be the most popular. But if he has photos that are exceptional you may just want to look up art galleries and start calling around to see if you can find an accepting venue for his work. Look up art galleries on the internet for your area or anywhere for that matter because they would be easy to ship. Below is a search for art galleries...

    And there are places like this listed there...

    23 Art Galleries That Accept Submissions from Photographers (based in the US)

    And below is a search for selling his photos online-you will see there are many ways to sell...

    I hope this helps a bit, if you have a local art gallery check with them to sell his work or guide to the right place where his work will sell for a good price.

    In the meantime do not delay in getting his cancer treated. There are programs and financial assistance available. Check with the folks where he is being treated, they should be able to guide you financially. Also below is a search that shows the many places you can seek financial assistance during a cancer episode...

    You will find things like the link below for the American Cancer Society financial assistance guidance...

    I do wish the best for you folks and that your husband gets his cancer treated in a timely manner. Please stay with us during his treatment because there are many folks on here that can help out with their experiences to get you through this difficult treatment. It is tough but certainly doable. We are here for you.

    Also, I recommend you check out the "Superthread" at the top of the Head and Neck page, it is loaded with info and links that you may find helpful.

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    Wishing You the Best

    Take care, God Bless


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    Thanks for the information 🙏🏻🙏🏻