Possible Thyroid Cancer - Any Information Would be Helpful

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I had an ultrasound on my thyroid nodule which came back as TI RAD 5. The size of the nodule is .61 cm. Was told to wait a year and have another u/s. I had and still have other symptoms, which is why I went to see my doctor in the first place. Swollen and, at times, painful neck, difficultly swallowing, hoarseness in voice, strained voice, weight loss, and at times difficulty breathing. Just had blood work done and came back with very low Vitamin D, low iron and high B12. I am type 2 diabetic which is being treated with diet. My non-fasting glucose was 88 three days ago. I am an advocate for my health and have had to push for more testing because of symptoms. Anyone have an advice on if I should keep pushing for the nodule to be biopsied or just let it fester? I am afraid that it is cancerous and I don't want to wait a year to see if the thing grows and spreads.


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    I’m not a doctor or giving medical advice but if I were in your shoes I would get the biopsy. My thyroid cancer flew under the radar and by the time it was discovered I was already stage 4 (for the most part) with no obvious symptoms. Looking back now I’d have to admit that there were some very minor changes happening, but nothing that would have led me to even remotely consider it was cancer. My oncologist noted that if caught sooner (most likely) it could have been treated, and eradicated before advancing to stage 4. Early detection is a huge factor in outcomes.

    All the best to you.

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    I had a thyroid tumor of 3.8cm removed along with my thyroid and 31/2 of my 4 parathyroids in 2022. I had lost the ability to talk, to swallow without choking, and had difficulty breathing. I had been on thyroid medicine for years. Looking back at my medical records now: in 2008 I was in a coma and they did a neck MRI and I had a smaller thyroid mass then. They never did anything about it. I had to do speech therapy for 6 months and have 3 procedures to dilate my esophagus. I have to take thyroid meds, large amounts of calcium and vitamin D, and electrolyte solutions twice a day and eat small bites of food or a soft diet because my glottis that covers my airway doesn't work right- just to live. They said they got it all and it was not in my lymph nodes. There was only a 10% chance that it would metastasize to my bones, kidneys, or lungs. Then Dec 2023 they diagnosed me with multiple myeloma or bone marrow cancer. I have to wait to get a bone marrow biopsy to find out which one it is. The moral of this story is that you should get an ultrasound every 6 months to see if it has grown, get TFT and T4 blood tests monthly, and don't have it biopsied until it grows. When they biopsy it, cells will be released in your blood or lymph system and if it is cancer, it will be loose somewhere else in your body. You will be in my prayers.