Radiation or no radiation



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    Just a quick update I saw my MSKCC surgeon as scheduled in October 2023. He said I graduated! No more CTs. He said the decision I made NOT to have radiation and chemo treatments worked out for me. As each case is different I just wanted to let everyone following my post that had I agreed to radiation and chemo treatment after my surgeries I would now be dealing with the side effects of them. I am feeling blessed!

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    Bob that is wonderful, so glad it worked out for you.

    Let's celebrate...

    Wishing You The Best

    Take Care, God Bless


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    Hello Bob. Enjoyed reading your posts. So I had surgery on Jan 31. Small tumor in left tonsil and a couple nodes on the left so tonsillectomy and dissection. HPV P16 positive. So the pathology came back and it was such that the surgeon said I should not do radiation. Radiation Oncologist did not totally disagree but did recommend a small dose. However, he said it would not do much. I had a high chance of beating it with surgery alone. So here I am. Have been worried that I maybe did not make the right choice. But it's funny because I'm hearing more and more people go the surgery only option and doing fine. I did the Navdx blood test yesterday so anxious to see how that comes out.