man i’m losing it right now

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i know i got to pull it together but can’t seem to just get up and do it . i just need to stop it and numb up and keep going


  • Heather23
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    Self love and caring is extremely important right now and through this process. Treat yourself with kindness and know that you will pull it together. I had so many emotions at first, I thought I was going crazy almost paralized in fear!! My husband who is a cancer survivor kept saying "Hills and Valleys." He knew my emotions would go up then down and that is normal. This calmed me as I was all over the place. Know that you are okay!!! You are not alone :)

  • Sharon5922
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    I agree with Heather.

    "Hills and Valleys."

    You are not alone. It's a seriously scary diagnosis. Freaking out can be expected. Give yourself a little time to figure out how to get through and what you think might help you most. I decided I was only telling my inner trusted circle.