Husband just diagnosed with MCL

After 6 weeks of testing, my husband has been diagnosed with a rare cancer, mantle cell lymphoma. We are waiting for Mayo Clinic in Rochester to call us. We are in the small town of Ironwood in the upper peninsula of Michigan. Our oncologist is out of Chicago. He said he would start my husband on chemo here, while we wait. His hemoglobin was in the 7s last week and he needed 2 transfusions. We are scared that this is taking too long. Any advice?


  • ShadyGuy
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    I have not had a transplant but I do know just a bit about it. Sorry you are not getting the support you need from this board. In my opinion you are a bit early to be worried about the transplant as he must first go through 3-4 months of chemo. Hopefully you are not planning to travel to Rochester every 2 weeks for chemo. Chemo effects are cumulative so as treatments progress such a drive would become difficult. Public transport could expose him to infections. Hopefully you can find a place to stay in Rochester during the treatments. Mayo may be able to help if you ask them. Best of luck hoping for a solution to your issue comes soon.