Eligard vs Orgovyx

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Heys guys, I am currently undergoing ADT therapy for Gleason 4+3 with one lymph node metastisis. My therapy is currently 2 months of Firmagon then to switch to Eligard for 3 months. I do know of the newest drug on the market taken daily called Orgovyx. I do know one is an Agonist and the other is an Antagonist. The Orgovyx is an Antagonist like the Firmagon I’m currently on. I need your experiences or opinions regarding these 2 drugs and their side effects. I’ve studied what they are and how they work but am quite curious on how the patients feel about them and how it has affected you. Any input would be highly appreciated. Thanks guys!


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    My experience is with the agonist Eligard.

    I was on its effects during 18 months (3×6-month shots). I had inumerous symptoms but mild, being fatigue the most annoying.

    The list is long as described in the site of the drug's maker.

    Antagonists lead to similar effects as they do the same job in maintaining the patient in clinical castration (hypogonadism). This status is the cause that takes us experiencing the majority of the symptoms.

    The most evident difference between the drugs regards the way these affect our brain function. Antagonists eliminate the usefulness of the pituitary but keeps it active while agonists cause havok at the pituitary making it to stop working.

    I think that the symptoms that could differ between the drugs are those affecting the brain like hot-flashes, bleurred vision and impared recognition.

    Firmagon claims to be friendlier to cardiovascular issues.