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i am looking into medical oncologists at UCSF. Anyone have direct experience Dr. Eric Small or Dr. Rahul Aggarwal and can share their experience


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    Ucsf i am seeing dr peter carroll look him up his record speaks for himself

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    Dr Peter Carroll completed a radical prostatectomy on me over 3 years ago. I agree with the previous poster regarding his record and highly recommend him.

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    Dr carroll is looking after me .. but i must say he getting up there in age about 75 ..just a few days ago he gave me his opinion on what my next line of treatment should be and his opinion kind of left me losing trust. I am a candidate for salvage surgery. He told me five years ago that they do salvage surgery at UCSF. They don’t do it very often but they do do it he told me that I should treat it one more time locally before I go to surgery and then if it comes back again, we may consider surgery. I am being told by an expert at UCLA who does salvage surgery and if I do a focal treatment and it comes back again surgery is out of the question way way too much scar tissue like I said I’m losing a bit of faith in UCSF that’s just my opinion , the radiologist there suede me into doing radiation instead of surgery and Dr. Carol told me if I don’t feel comfortable with surgery just fo radiation the outcomes about the same so take it for what it’s worth my opinion I know I left an earlier statement about Dr. Carol but I’ve had recently another tele visit with him. This is why I’m posting this.