Robotic Complete Kidney Removal - Help

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Hello, My tumor is around 7 cm. I’m 47 and will have it removed on 1/16. I am trying to find helpful tips to prepare and heal. ROBOTIC surgery only please.

For example, I read people get really painful gas. Can I just take Phazyme? Will it help? Others say ice helps with pain, so I’m getting ice packs. Is there itching? I can’t take Benadryl. Would u bring anything special to the hospital? Certain PJs? Anything? Whatever tips you have please share. I have searched and cannot find any post like this. I’m sure many of us would be most grateful. Blessings!


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    Hi, I had a lapsroscopic nephrectomy in 2018 for a cancer the same size as yours. Not everyone gets gas pains from anesthesia, or they wear off before waking up in recovery. I've had several surgeries over the years, and only felt the full-body pain when I woke up too early in recovery after a hip surgery. Luckily, I fell asleep again (possibly with help 😄) and I was more or less fine. Other than that, it's never been a problem for me. But I know some people hurt for a few days or longer, it's unpredictable.

    I was only in the hospital for one night, and all I took were the comfortable, loose clothes I wore, clean underwear, and clean socks. For 1 night, I was fine with a hospital gown and another to use as a robe when walking. I had sturdy slip-on shoes that I also used as slippers. I think I brought a toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, glasses case, phone, charger, maybe a comb - plus ID and insurance card. A pillow in the car is essential to have ro protect your stomach on the way home. Some people swear by recliners to sleep in during recovery, but I just slept on a sofa with lots of pillows to keep me from turning onto the surgical side. I didn't have any itching problems, so I can't help you with that. Good luck!

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    I wrote up my experience (robotic-assisted laparoscopic radical nephrectomy) - hopefully that will help-

    Re: painful gas. Not that kind of gas. The gas is used during surgery and remains in your body after it's over. For many people, in the days following surgery, the gas rises to your shoulders and can cause pain. Ice packs are good for that until it dissipates on its own.

    Re: Phazyme. Not necessary. That kind of gas is actually a sorta-milestone after surgery that tells you that your body has getting back to normal. But with any sort of thing like that, talk to your doctor.

    Re: itching. I didn't experience any itching. Just soreness. Ice packs and heat packs really helped me.

    Alice's tips are great - listen to her. Especially the pillow for the drive home. Also your cell phone and phone charger. The day after your surgery, start walking - slow and steady walking will really accelerate the healing process.

    Good luck with your nephrectomy next week. You're gonna do great - you've got this!