Waiting for D&C post menopausal bleeding & thickened lining- wanting to hear similar stories

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Google led me here. I wasn't going to join or even post. But here I am…

Im 54 post menopausal, I did HRT for about 4 years, patches & then 3 rounds of pellets. Estradiol & Progesterone.

I noticed spotting a year ago don't know when it started. I had some symptoms of a UTI but tested negative several times

I had pain & pressure & aching in my pelvic area.

so last year when I noticed the spotting they had me do a ultrasound & my endometrium was 8mm thick. Then we did an in office biopsy which was waaaay more uncomfortable than I anticipated by the way.

it was negative. I continued to spot & the past 6 months wear a tampon everyday have pain & pressure everyday. I sit in the couch each night with a heating pad. Take ibuprofen everyday.

i had another ultrasound Nov 27. My endometrium is now over 9mm thick. Im scheduled for a hysterscopy & D&C on Jan 8th. Its taken me 6 months or so to get to this point with getting help.

My primary provider did the first biopsy now Im going to a gynecologist for this now.

im frustrated more than scared. Im suck of being in pain & bleeding everyday.

I am also a diverticulitis sufferer I had 12” of my colon removed 8 years ago so its hard to differentiate which pain is where sometimes & Im wondering if the two problems are related now.

I really don't think it’s cancer & if it was its very survivable etc.

I just want to hear anyone else’s similarities or advice. The waiting game is hard. Thank you.


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    adornedwithsilver, so sorry I am just getting to your post.

    It sounds like you are very pro-active and that is the best you can be, but it stinks that it has been such a battle. Please let us know how the D&C goes. We will be looking for you and the results.

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    Welcome adornedwithsilver. Waiting IS so hard. It sounds like you have had a hard time. I wonder if your gynecologist might do a hysterectomy anyway to stop the bleeding. I would ask about it. And then you don't have to worry about cancer. I had no pain so had a different experience than you. The hysterescopy, I think, is done under local anesthesia so at least you won't have pain during the procedure. I would ask about that. 1 in 10 biopsies are positive for endometrial cancer so there is a 90% chance it is negative. Good luck.

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    Thank you for your response! I did ask for a hysterectomy but she said we have to test for cancer first. Its frustrating & expensive.

    I have great insurance but still dont want to waste time on tests & surgeries.

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    There is a very good reason for that. IF your gynecologist found cancer, the hysterectomy would need to be performed by a gynecological oncologist. They would do a more involved procedure to stage the cancer. IF there is no cancer, your gynecologist can go ahead and do the surgery. Which is the most likely outcome.


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    Hi, I hope your procedure on 1/8 went well. I was reading your post and saying, yep, me too. I'm 58, post-menopausal and started spotting after being in menopause for 8 yrs. I too was on HRT, estradiol and progesterone, for 2 1/2yrs. My endometrium is 15.6mm thick. I also have endometriosis. I have cramps and a fullness, and my best friend is my heating pad (next to my 2 little dogs and one who is 10 lbs and walks on my stomach to get to the couch arm rest - that will stop soon!). I really hope you get/got good results. I had a biopsy and my results weren't ideal as I was diagnosed with endometrial cancer, grade 1, though, which I'm told is good for bad news. I am scheduled for a full hysterectomy on Feb 5. Oh, I didn't really want to post either, but I don't know anyone else in a similar situation, so I posted. I like what you said that if it is cancer, it is very survivable. That was comforting to read.

    I went to get a mammogram so that I would have that done before the surgery, just in case they needed it. I always had to have that done before the gyne would prescribe the HRT. Well, they found a small mass and the radiologist thinks it might be cancer. Sorry for being a debbie downer, but I need to get this out as it is swimming around in my head and I don't want to burden my family as they are already worried and my 3 brothers don't even know what to say. When I told my youngest bro about the endo cancer, I think he got a crash course on menopause! more than he probably wanted to know. Anywho, I have the breast biopsy in 3 days and I kind of already know it's cancer - as just have a feeling. I had a feeling before the uterine biopsy and that turned out corresponding to my feeling. I hope you post again. I hope you are doing ok. I think even though we are strangers on this site, we have a commonality in experiences that make us similar and able to relate. Blessings to everyone.