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best friend diagnosed with lung cancer 4 weeks ago got pet scan results back a couple days ago and stated that there was nothing they could do for her other than possibly radiation to the 10 cm Mass on her upper right lung. cancer has gone to her own in her arm, spleen, L5 vertebrae, and various nodes throughout her chest. she's on 3 l of oxygen 24 hours a day. can hardly breathe. face and neck extremely swollen countries in her lymph nodes also. my question is 3 years ago I lost my guy to brain cancer. the radiation specialist stated that they would do whole brain radiation eight treatments. side effects never never said anything about a brain bleed and swelling. which is what killed him. my question is has anyone had any radiation to their lung in hopes to reduce this the size of it so she can breathe easier. her oncologist said the only side effect would be possibly a sunburn in that same area. has anyone had radiation to their lung and had any side effects from it if so what


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    My husband has lung cancer. He had a strong treatment to his upper lobe and it really helped with his oxygen levels, breathing, and his cough. He didn’t have any side effects from it, but he only had 1 treatment. His oxygen was in the 80s now it’s in the upper 90s. It was definitely worth it. He also had cancer in his left arm bone. He had 2 radiation treatments to it and helped tremendously. Pain and swelling went away. He has an X-ray planned on 12/27 to make sure he doesn’t need any more radiation on his arm. What kind of lung cancer does your friend have? Have you checked into the Joe Tippens protocol?? Just google it and read his article