Radiation vs. no Radiation

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Well, I'm going to have a re-excision to get clear margins...Has anyone had this done and foregone the radiation or had the radiation "seeds" that only takes a week? I am having the surgery on 6/20 and then I need to decide whether to continue with radiation...with DCIS, the stats aren't that different for radiation vs. no radiation. Thanks.


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    Hi! I had a mastectomy with reconstruction after my lumpectomy because my margins weren't clear.I also had DCIS. I didn't have to have radiation after mastectomy. I am taking Tamoxifen for 5 years. I'm glad I did the mastectomy rather than worry if all the cells were gone. I'd do it the same way if I had to do it again. Good luck. HUGS!! Cathy
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    Hi, dear, if you get Dr. Susan Love's Breast Book I believe the chances for recurrence without radiation are 25 to 35% WORSE. If you end up with just a lumpectomy, it is very important to continue with the radiation. If you end up with a mastectomy, you don't need the radiation. But I would advise you to buy the book and become informed. Hugs & kisses, your sister, Shirlann
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    That's a tough call. For me, the radiation wasn't that big of a deal....I had minor irritation, only a couple small blisters, and PMS pain in the breast. The skin is now tougher than the other breast, but still very pliable, and not painful any more unless it's right around my period. If you know the radiation won't affect you too badly, I would continue with it just because for me, it would give me peace of mind that something has been done to pretty much assure no return. The seeds are an interesting concept, and I haven't looked into those at all. Let us know what you decide, and how things are going for you. Hugs, Cyndi
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    Hi, I’m Renee. I just completed chemotherapy for triple negative BC and opted for radiation over mastectomy. I’m not sure what to expect, but it seems to be a better option for me.

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    Hi - how have you been since your re-excision (forgive me if you've answered this question - I was hopeful to have found a topic closely related to my situation/dilemma, as I too just had a re-excision surgery following a bilateral mastectomy that resulted in clear margins - one of my 4 lymph nodes removed had a tiny bit of cancer in it and radiation is being recommended; I have tissue expanders and am thinking about all the risks - health and aesthetic - and trying to weigh whether or not the benefit from 10% chance of local recurrence down to 2% as a result of radiation is a worthwhile treatment)? Did you opt for radiation? I hope you have been recovering well since July.

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    Woops - I realize this is from 20+ years ago. I pray you are healthy! And my question is likely outdated, considering additional discoveries in health science.