Breast Cancer Survival Rate

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Hello, I was diagnosed with BC this month. Wanted to know do people with BC live long lives? Mine is Stage 2, Estrogen - Positive, Progesterone Positive and HER2 negative. The doctor mentioned people do live for 10 years and beyond.


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    It is true. Many people with Stage 1 and 2 live long lives.

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    There are so many factors to consider. You'll learn more as you start going to appointments, consider available treatments etc.

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    Breast cancer is so very common these days - I believe 1 in 8 woman will be diagnosed with breast cancer, if not more. And today, most women go on to live healthy, "normal" lives. Just take each day at a time.

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    I have friends and acquainances who are 10 years post BC, 18 years post BC and 25 years post BC. I have to believe that I will live many many years after breast cancer too!!!!

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    I too know many women who live way beyond 10 years. I hope we all will too. Also, for me is very encouraging that every day there are new and better medications related to BC. I hope in 5-10 years we will have vaccine that will be wide-spread and we will be definitely cured.

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    I hate breast cancer, any type! I know its supposed to give you hope to say “5yr, 10yr” but that just makes me think thats all you got to live. Like how can I picture my mom only living for 5-10yrs?

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    Be positive and have faith in God & you will live a long beautiful life!

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    I was originally dx in April 2012 with stage 3, HR+/HER2- and with BRCA2 genetic mutation. Every woman in my family for two generations has been dx with BC. I would expect you to live a long life, similar to that which you had before. I lost my Mom and oldest sister before modern treatments. I personally had bilateral mastectomies, preventive hysterectomy, chemo, radiation, reconstruction and femara. My doctor wanted me on femara for 10 years because of my genetics, but I lost my insurance after three years and stopped. My cancer went mets in 2022, but my two remaining sisters are doing fine, they were dx in 2012 too. I think that I would've been ok if I could've continued the femara. Good luck to you and my advice would be to discuss any problems with insurance or being able to afford treatment with your doctor's office, there are charities that may help. I thought I would be ok with the three years of post treatment. Don't make my mistake. 🙂

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    I'm a 19 year Breast cancer survivor. 😊❤️

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    I am a 13 year stage 4 survivor. Originally had stage III in 2003 but it came back in July of 2009. i have been cancer free for 13 years I just got back on the boards. Everyone is different but i would say you should have a positive outlook on life and your future.