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I will not mention any names but I am new here. I joined chat one night and because I used terms like CA and was able to text a little..... someone private messaged me and acted like I had ill intentions to be in the room. I was a little to saavvy for them apparently.... anyway.. it bums me out and I have not been back since. so much for that support!!! BTW, who are you to question me about why I am in the chat room?? I went there for support just like I joined the site for. I found it shocking and was taken a back..... some people are just rude and need to get a life other than harassing others and trying to control them. Catch ya later and good luck to the nice people out there! 👣


  • Lisawag33
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    I am new here as well. I'm just the opposite of you, I don't know what all this jargon means. Either way, I don't think anyone should be disrespected. Now I am a little nervous to post anything. God bless you and your recovery. Don't give up, there are people out there that care about you and will support you.