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Hi. I have not been diagnosed with AC but I am having a routine colonoscopy this Thursday. For the past few weeks I’ve been having slight uncomfortableness or tenderness when have a BM. Actually, it starts right before I go to the bathroom. Almost like a heaviness. As it passes through, it gets less uncomfortable; however, somewhat tender for a little while after. There’s no blood. No mucus. No thinness. No constipation or diarrhea. I have had fissures in the past, so I’m hoping that’s all it is this time. That being said, I am worried about AC as I had cervical issues for years with HPV and eventually had a hysterectomy as a result, so I know that increases my odds. I will be 50 in December.

I know the dr is the only person that can diagnose me, but did anyone else have tenderness right before BM prior to diagnosis? I also deal with sciatica from sitting at work too much, so I always have a pain in the a$$. Ha I’ve had one or two instances where I’ve had what felt like lightening bolts run up my bottom (best way to describe it) and it will make you stop and catch your breath

Thanks in advance. Hopefully I’m overanalyzing this but it never hurts to ask people with experience so I can be more knowledgeable JUST IN CASE.


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    Hi tmpage,

    I hope your colonoscopy finds an answer to your issues and that it is easier to deal with than anal cancer. I had no symptoms other than bloody mucous after a bm; no pain or even discomfort. I had been putting off getting a routine colonoscopy for a few years, but that prompted me to call to schedule it. It was early stages and successfully treated 8 years ago. Good luck!