HAI pump - what to expect and the treatment

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My husband has stage 4 colon cancer in various places in the liver. There has been no spread to any other organs. Oxaliplatin and 5-FU treatments have been very effective and they are now discussing installing an HAI pump, at which time they would also take out the colon tumor. We will know more soon and I know our doctor will be helpful but I would like to hear from patients themselves. We are fortunate to live near NYC so the surgery would happen at MSK or Northwell/Long Island.

Most of the HAI posts are several years old. Could anyone who has had the procedure done recently or their caregivers let me know:

1 ) what to expect of the surgery and recovery? any complications?

2) any side effects of the chemo?

3) how effective and difficult have the treatments been?

4) will he need other chemo regimens at the same time as the HAI pump chemo?

5) if at MSK, were you satisfied with your doctors and care?

Thank you all for your responses.


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    Hello there.

    I never did get a HAI pump, so I can't help with any of your questions; but I did want to welcome you here, on the forum.

    I know we have had HAI patients previously. Probably the old posts you are referring to. Some have wandered from the forum, some have wandered far. I do hope that someone does read this, and can share that advice with you.

    I wish your husband the best.


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    I am popping in cause I'm curious. I had colon resection surgery July 11 they thought they got it all. Stage 2 maybe they said. Well emergency hernia surgery 18 days later found spots on my liver. Just like that stage 4 mestatic cancer. I just finished round 1 of folfox with Avastin .. at center 4 hours took home for 46. Round 2 September 12. Your feed has given me the 1st glimpse of hope that it could help me. How many rounds has he received? And any advice for me,

    Praying we all kick the **** outta this devil ! God bless you

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    Dear Bravesfan, He has had 8 rounds of chemo total - Oxalyplatin and 5-FU by infusion - over the past four months on a two week cycle. He has tolerated it well and responded very well to it, which is very fortunate. The side effects have increased these past rounds and the doctors feel it is the best time to change to and HAI pump so we are meeting with new doctors next week. I send you all my support that you can beat this ****.

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    Dear Tru, Many thanks for the welcome. THe HAI comments all seem to be very outdated so I was hoping to find something more current but I will keep searching. I do appreciate your support and thank you.