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I'm 48 years old and recently diagnosed with stage 3 rectal cancer. I completed 28 rounds of oral chemo & radiation and just had my port placement yesterday. I start IV chemotherapy next week and I'm terrified of the unknown and all the side effects that I may or may not have to experience. I'm just seeking support and information on this journey.


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    Hi bourdes

    im responding to let you know someone is listening. I’m from the uterine board. I was 45 when I was diagnosed. Since then I had two recurrences wherein they removed a section of my large intestine and rectum and part of my small intestines requiring an ileostomy which was eventually reversed. Another surgery they removed another section of my small intestine.

    im sorry you have to go through this. However the advancements in the chemo and also immunotherapy are so different now. You should do fine. Always ask questions no matter how small you think it is. If you feel something no right let them know. Everyone is different so you have to speak out.

    the first day or two after a treatment are usually fine. A day or two later is when you may feel extremely tired or nausea. Make sure you have anti nausea pills on hand just in case. Also have some popsicles. You may not feel hungry but the popsicles are good as you still need to eat

    hang in there! You can do it!

    my best to you


    ps. I’m 63 now

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    Have you had surgery?

    I am assuming that you have.

    I also was dx'd stage III.

    The side effects can range from many to barely any. Listen to your body and make sure the onc listens to you. Sometimes the nurses have the best advice because they interact one on one every day and see/hear what patients experience and do to combat some side effects.

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    Hello, and welcome to the forum.

    You post reminded me of my very first chemo infusion. I remember sitting in the waiting room, with absolutely no idea what was going to happen behind that door. I would watch people going through the door, and other people coming out. It was an awful first visit - well, at least the waiting room part. Once I moved through the door, I became a chemo patient; no longer scared, because I was on the journey, I was part of the plan.

    Apprehension is a normal part at the beginning of anything, and soon you will be an infusion pro - you have already conquered the chemo part, with all of those 28 rounds of pills.

    Nobody can really tell you what side effects you will experience, and if I were to list all of the side effects you might experience, you would be reading this post for an hour. Also, it depends on what they are going to pump into you.

    I would suggest - something that you may already be doing, as you are not new to this, a notebook. I would list every single one of the side effects I experiences - and they were many. And when I went in for my next infusion, I would read them all off to my Oncologist, and asked him if they were normal, and If there was anything I could do about them. I listed every single question I had, as well.

    Infusions can last up to four hours, so take a good book, music, some food and lots of water. A blanket, snacks, anything that will make your time in the chair, comfortable.

    Good luck! Hopefully you will be back to share how things are going for you.