First round chemo

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Hello, I am new here.

I just had my first dose of "the red devil" and honestly felt like I had been overdosed. Vomiting, dizzy/spinning, rapid heart beat.

Did anyone else experience this? Is it normal? 

I felt like I was going to have a heart attack


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    Yes sadly I have experienced that each time I started a cycle. Will say it will get worse before it gets better. Just remember to take it day by day and hour by hour. Small picture during the process never the big one!

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    Hello, I had the same experience when I had my first round. I got medication for the nausea but the first time I only took it when it started and it was already too late, did not help at all. My heart raced , couldn't sleep and thought I will die right away. The next time I took the medication right after my session was over and the vomiting and spinning was much better. Try some of the sour candy, that helped a little . Also the chemo caused very bad mouth ulcers and I found that a mix of baking soda and water rinse can help against it, and brushing your teeth after each meal. Hope you won't experience those. Be strong, take it step by step, it will be over!

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    What is the "red devil" chemo?

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    The chemotherapy (“chemo”) drug “The Red Devil” is doxorubicin(Adriamycin). It is an intravenous cancer medicine with a clear, bright red color, which is how it got its nickname.

    It is basically one of the strongest chemo drugs out there. Not fun!

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    Thanks everyone for the encouragement. Unfortunately after lowering the dose side effects were continuing along with suspected heart damage, currently waiting to see an oncologist