Drivingdaisy (Lisa) A Dear Member And Friend Of Our H&N Group Has Passed

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It is with great sorrow that I bring this news to the Head & Neck group.

Not being able to contact her for a while a couple of the members were trying to find out about her and make contact. After getting some new possible contact information I made a phone call and left a message and soon received a text containing news I was hoping not to receive.

Hello Russ, my name is Lee, I'm Lisa's son. Unfortunately, I regret to inform you that she passed away on 11/9/21. I do know though she'd appreciate that you and the group were checking up on her.

Drivingdaisy (Lisa) has passed on November 9, 2021

Her last activity on the discussion board was on Oct 24, 2021, so she was active on the board up to and just before her passing.

She was a true fighter and warrior in every sense of the word in her battle against cancer.

She joined us in May of 2016.

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Here is a link to Lisa’s member page with her postings, feel free to read--this website won't let me put a direct link to her member page but if you click on the search link below it will take you to a search of her member name and you can click on her name and picture there.

Hi, my name is Lisa, 58, diagnosed with T3 NOMO, SSC, Left tonsil mass, Jan of this year. I am presently 2wks post treatment. My treatment plan included 6 rounds of Taxol/Carboplatin 1 day a week and IMRT Radiation 5 days a wk for 7 wks. I had to take a week off in the middle due to severe mouth/neck pain. I wish I would have seen your forum earlier in my diagnosis since you offer so much information and support. Something I truly needed. Now that I found you I would like to be able to join in and ask questions regarding what to expect next in this tough road to recovery. Thank you.

Lisa came to the forum 2 weeks post-treatment and you could tell she was a friendly and sharing lady right away. She soon made many friends and received and gave information on the board. She soon found answers to the issues many of us face pre-treatment, during treatment, and post-treatment, some from the board and some she found on her own and from her doctors and shared them readily. She was cheery and helped lift others up when they were down.

However, in 2017 Lisa started having some serious late side effects from radiation and chronic low sodium. She was hospitalized several times for it and also had seizures and a stroke or maybe 2 because of this. Also, some depression dealing with all she was going through. Who wouldn't? Lisa tried everything she could think of dealing with all these side effects and could get little to no relief.

Lisa Quote “What really gets me I was doing well. Treatment was horrible but made it through & had saliva the whole time. Also kept my taste buds and was eating steak 3 months post treatment. Did so well My Drs were shocked. Than about 7 months into recovery woke up to No saliva. My ENT explained it was delayed Radiation damage the scared My ducts. My saliva had become so thick from Chemo that though I made it in the Glands it could not get through the ducts so dry, dry mouth. Tried every products offered to me. So constantly thirsty & drinking to much can give you a form of water poisoning. For Me it drops the ratio of water to sodium to balance my electrolytes. Gets to low can send me to have a seizure, than a stroke coma, & possible death”.

It was a shame all these latent effects came to haunt her post-treatment because once she got through treatment and recovered a bit she was doing exceptionally well. My estimation is she suffered exceptionally severe side effects from her cancer treatment and it affected her overall health over a period of time adding up and weighing her down. She was one of the small percentage of people who suffered radical after-effects of post-cancer treatment. After getting through the difficult treatment and recovery she rebounded with an amazing recovery, feeling better and eating quicker than most of us do. Things were looking bright and going well for Lisa until about 7 months out of treatment when as she says she woke up one day with no saliva. It seems from this point on in a slowly evolving process she just couldn’t get a handle on things and it seemed she was always battling some new situation or problem with post-treatment-related conditions. She fought with No saliva but Chemo saliva, no taste buds, fried thyroid, stomach issues, low sodium, cold & heat intolerance. Lisa said Quote “Now told my inability to blow my nose, cough up, sneeze, cry, ears damaged, eyes damaged all treatment-related & all side effects permanent.

Yet being down some days, she pushed on and did her best to deal with her situation and keep a positive outlook but it was rough for her. She was a strong woman and was one to meet a challenge head-on. She did her very best and was a great example for others dealing with after effects of treatment and tough times. She put up a valiant fight, giving her all to withstand the issues of her treatment effects. Lisa was a very giving woman to the H&N group with advice and help, well wishes, caring support, and gifts to people also, she was always sharing.

She loved her family, her home, dining out, and travel among many things.

I miss seeing her posting here and others remember her too and think about her often so this answers all the questions about not seeing Lisa’s presence anymore.

I think I speak for the group when I extend our deepest and sincerest sympathy to her family and friends.

Folks, anyone on the discussion board, and those who remember her feel free to share any comments or memories you may have.

Lisa May You Rest In Peace

Take Care, May God Bless & Watch Over You



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    Sad news. From what I read on this and other posts, she faced a lot after radiation treatment. Sincere condolences to her family and friends.

    Russ, thank you for taking the effort to update.

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    Quiet, thank you so much for your response and condolences.

    Take care, God Bless-Russ