Panic attack during change in radiation machine rotation

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I was given no information on how the radiation machine rotated and how many devices it entailed. After 5 days of the same rotation, I had gotten to the point of feeling like I knew how it worked, and felt like I could cope. Bam, the next day , the treatment was done in a reverse order with extra xrays taken, and it scared the living daylights out of me. All kinds of different devices I hadn't seen were spinning around me. I am still having flashbacks to that panic attack and break out in a cold sweat. Were any of you given information as to what to expect from the machine rotation and that it wouldn't be the same everyday?


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    Radiation is complicated. Please trust that the radiologist and technicians know what they are doing. My radiation routine changed part way through the course of treatment also. I asked about it and was told that as more information is learned about the biology of the tumor they adjust treatment for the best results. I had no idea that after the initial lab results on the tumor additional testing was done. Ask why your treatment was changed. It is important to stay informed as to what is happening and why but you also need to trust the professionals. *Please take care of your skin during all of this. I had a bad reaction to the creams they suggested I use, but I thought it was just the effects of radiation.It was a big mistake on my part! If I would have asked more questions about that perhaps it would not have taken a course of steroids to clear up my skin.

    PS- I am 4 years out from treatment and NED (No Evidence of Disease)

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    Cat lady 2, Thank you for replying. Yes, after the fact, I can understand changes. But if they had given an overview of how the machine works, I wouldn't have had that startling experience. The day I had the panic attack, it was done in reverse just for their convenience in taking xrays. Afterwards, they promised to tell me if there would be changes, such as when they changed to the Boost treatment. I guess I am the only person to have had what seems to have been a minor thing be to me a traumatic experience. That is too bad about your skin problems.. They gave me miaderm and it worked well. Take care.