Chemo cold caps

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Suggestions, comments, thoughts?

My hair stylist said to get this since many of her clients used them

and it saved a great deal of their hair? Interested in what you have to say.



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    I was told point blank by my Onc Nurse Navigator that it wouldn't help me retain my hair because I was going to have Taxotere. She also advised that it is quite costly and that my insurance wouldn't cover it. I never lost my hair completely (I look like an old man who has nothing front & center on my head), but I'm terrified that what I lost is not going to grow back due to the Taxotere. I know people will think that very silly of me, since it's "only hair," but most of them don't have to face walking around without it.

    If you can swing it, I would say try it. Even if you only lose some of it, it might help. I wish I had done it.

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    I hear ya and thank you for the information. Keep posting when you take the taxotere since that too is on my horizon. Dr said AC mix was the worst. Look forward to your comments.

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    Had my first chemo treatment with AC two days ago horrible headache, nausea, and red pee. The Zofran makes you have a great headache ice on top of my head and behind my neck helped somewhat. Ritz crackers helped a lot as well. With the nausea now two days post chemo a little bit of nausea. And the fatigue is beginning to settle in. Had a pet scan done shows no cancer anywhere else in my body, except in my breast, which is great news will post again in a few days.

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    Good morning! checking in with you to see how you are coming along with your treatments. Quite interested in how things are going with Taxotere.

    Please keep in touch, even just to say hello! A few of us just babble on about our lives intertwined with how we feel and how treatments are going. My second chem with A/C is Thursday. Keeping my fingers crossed it won't be as bad as they say it is.