What Are The Symptoms?

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Hello everyone. I am a 12 year prostate cancer survivor. Recently, I've been having stomach issues...colicky...not feeling empty after a bowel movement...occasional blood in the toilet. I have a colonoscopy scheduled next week. My last colonoscopy was four years ago and it was clean and they said don't come back for 10 years, but I'm going back. My doctor believes it is my internal hemorrhoids, but I'm not so sure. I have Googled colon cancer symptoms...probably not the best thing to do. I also have diverticulitis, a milk allergy and recently had hernia surgery. All could be causing the symptoms I am having. I will know for sure following my colonoscopy, but I was wondering if anyone could share the symptoms of colon cancer. I am quite nervous. Thank you...


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    Wow! Congratulations on your survivorship! Relax and breath... there's nothing to worry about anything until you get your colonoscopy results back. It could easily be something else. Until then, treat your body with peaceful and stress-free thoughts... we shouldn't exacerbate our situations by piling on fearful and negative thoughts that cause additional stress. Take some walks outdoors and focus on gratitude. Hope this helps until you get your results back! Good luck 😊

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    Symptoms can be all over the place. The only symptom I had, if I look back on it, was bloating, which I put down to being overweight.

    I wish you all the luck in the world, and hope that your colonoscopy proves that there is no Cancer, and you can keep on enjoying a life where it is not a concern.

    But, I know how you feel. Once you've been down the Cancer road, the fear is always there, whenever something not quite right, happens to our bodies. I myself just went through a Cancer scare, and it was not a happy time.

    I hope we never see you on the forum again - Ha! I like saying that. It sounds so rude, but it means that you don't have Cancer and don't need to be here.

    Still, a quick update on your colonoscopy results would be great.

    Wishing you all the best.