Looking for counseling ..related to post cancer related issues

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I'm 2 years out of treatment in remission from anal cancer, praise Jesus. I was diagnosed as state m stage 2, only symptom - booty itch. I had the same treatment as most here - chemo and radiation for 6 weeks. It was hell, I'm so so so glad it's behind me. [content removed by CSN support Team] I'm still struggling emotionally and in my marriage from the cancer experience- anyone have suggestions on good counseling sites that focus on cancer related issues?


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    Hi. I dont have any answered but questions of my own

    I will share my entite tush & perinium got burned

    I was diagnosed with stage 2a i have tumore removed before being diagnised so the staging is weird.

    I was fortunate enough to only have 4 weeks of treatment which I can explain more later but I'm curious how many weeks it's taken for you normal n i g r o protocol people to feel better than actually how many weeks has it taken you to feel I'm finding that week five and six I still was Finding Burns was very nauseated and completely profoundly fatigue like sleeping 16 hours a day today starts week 7 the burns have healed mostly but I cannot seem to get my head on straight my cognitive function nor my energy just walking around outside for more than 15 minutes is all I can do is this typical 6th and going into the seventh week I'm still not

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    I'm trying to text to type and obviously it's making many typos I'm so sorry I only have my cell phone now I will try to get on my laptop so I and keyboard more clearly hope everyone has a great weekend they're safe and comfortable particularly people who were living in Lahaina of fond memory

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    Im happy to share that i needed to wait and then appy Lidocaine cream 15 min ahead and then reapply ising husbands ' applicator'

    Definitely quickest, but slowest expression for both of us

    It was medicinal in nature and approach.

    but more personal than the dialator Radiology sent home withnme.

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    Hello, I too am 2 years post treatment and sought out a physical therapist that specializes in pelvic floor dysfunction and stenosis of the vagina., what they don’t teach are the long term after effects:(( To this day I still use vaginal dilators so I can have regular pelvic exams and it’s not closed off.

    I am blessed to have No evidence of disease However my intimate moments with husband are so different as intercourse is too uncomfortable as the anatomy has changed so much. He’s been wonderful however I am grieving so many losses as well.Oncology OB doctors can promote emotional healing techniques as well as alternative practitioners that focus on yoga, meditation and biofeedback that include your husband so you can join/form Union again in a different way, though inclusive promoting emotional well being in a marriage. I live in Northern California and there are many. If you need examples or resources let me know.