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Hello I’m a caregiver when allowed of a multiple myeloma patient. My wife has always been a rollercoaster emotions person but this has gotten out of control. I’m hoping someone can help me us if she cares anymore. Similar to most on the chat I try to be there for her if she allows. It was all good on July 2nd after that she exploded blaming me of cheating lying trying to replace her being a step ahead of her not ever caring for her not giving a **** and I have ruined her life etc. she has now taken the marriage photos down in the home. I can’t touch her she won’t respond to communication but we have small kids together she leaves the home and I don’t know where she’s going when she’s coming back if she’s safe etc. what is this?


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    Sounds like she is not mentally doing well with the diagnosis and has fears, like you are going to leave her, because of the diagnosis. I would set her up with a support group and a counselor if you can. Still you don’t deserve to be mistreated either. You posted this a few weeks ago so I hope you are doing better now. Wish you the best!