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I am 8 weeks post surgery (open partial nephrectomy) and I am still having what I describe as feeling like a 2x4 is jammed into my side. This feeling began immediately after the surgery and is getting better, but I have never heard of anyone else complaining about this particular issue. Has anyone had this problem after surgery to remove renal cell carcinoma? If so, how long should I expect to be dealing with this pain.


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    Welcome PBibza. First off, congrats on getting through your neph. Well done.

    As for your feeling, it's hard to say for certain. Everyone's post-surgery process is different and everyone heals at their own rate. You will definitely be a little more sensitive about any random aches and pains (I know I was!), but I didn't have pain 8 weeks post-surgery in the way you're describing.

    If you haven't already, you should communicate this with your doctor. It's probably normal, but don't take chances with pain - let your doctor know.

    Here's to your continued healing!

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    Hi PBibza, so glad for you that the surgery is over with good outcome. I agree with Eug91 that you should talk to your doctor. With open neph they could have cut nerves and that can result in a lot if discomfort and weird pains, numbness. Let us know, all the best to you!

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    Thank you both!!!! I do have another follow-up with my surgeon in September, but will reach out sooner to discuss this with him.

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    Hi PBibza. I had a robotic partial and for quite a while after, I had a feeling like someone whacked me in the hip with a baseball bat. I asked my surgeon about it and he had no explanation. It was more of a numbness for me and lasted about a year.

  • PBibza
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    Thanks so much for your response Bay Area Guy. I did end up calling my surgeon and he explained that due to the location of the cancer, he had to pretty much reconstruct my kidney. This could explain the feeling of having a piece of wood jammed in my side. I do also have quite a lot of numbness. Good to know that this may take a while to clear up. I am extremely thankful for this network to get information from people who understand me and what I'm going through.