I received radiation in 2015 for vaginal cancer and have diligently dilated 2-3x's a week for 8 years. This year the cancer came back as vulvar cancer and I had to have surgery in February 2023. I could not dilated during the 3 month recovery and now I have severe vaginal stenosis. I was wondering if anyone out there had stopped the dilation process and what if any problems have you had? I know the usual, dr can't examine and sex being painful. Sex is not an issue anymore. I'm 72 and the grief it has caused me is making me want to quit all together

And live my remaining life with more quality. Thank you


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    jm, I am sorry to hear after 8 years there was no 'muscle memory' and that the stenosis came back. After all the time that passed I found that I have been able to lesson. There are different sizes, did you try smaller or smallest?

    My heart always goes out to women who have been dx with one of the rarer gyn cancers. I can't imagine how hard it has been to find others to compare notes with. Hugs dear one.