Liver resection

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Has anyone has surgery for metastatic colon cancer of the liver? I only know I have a small malignant mass that will be treated with surgery. I’m confused about additional chemo, or if it’s possible the surgery gets the cancer, and additional treatment may not be needed? I’m scared, and would love some help from this community..

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    I have had a tumor removed from my liver but it was HCC, not colon cancer. I did not fare well as my tumor was the "largest tumor he had ever seen in a liver". Lol! It's difficult to get to the liver so they went through my side. They will blow up your insides with air or water so they can move around in there. It's painful in recovery when the air escapes your body. Pretty quickly your liver grows back (but mine didn't so I had a transplant 2 years later). And your liver functions normally again. No more alcohol or vitamin "E" are good policies to follow to improve/maintain the health of your liver. Just ask if you have questions.