Thyroid Tumor Markers from 3 Labs And All Different Results

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Hello Everyone,

Recent thyroid tumor markers from 3 labs have different results.

I have a history of PTC with Mets to lymph nodes in 2008. Received RIA and no recurrence in 15 years. All thyroid labs tests have been undedectable and now all these different results.

June 8th (Hospital lab)

  • Thyroid Peroxidase Antibody, results <9 (I think this was ordered by mistake. Dr usually orders TgAb)
  • TSH 0.089

June 27th (Outside Lab)

  • TSH 0.489 (Increased)
  • TgAb & Tg LC/MS/MS - TgAb is 16 and Tg <0.5 (Lowest Threshold)

July 1st (Quest Labs) Thyroid Panel

  • TgAb <1
  • Tg <0.1

Neck Ultrasound in June 2023 was negative.

Looks like my TSH is rising and TgAb from some of the results.

Would appreciate any advice on how to interpret all of this.

I thank you in advance and am so grateful for this community.


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    Hey there.

    Do you trust your endocrinologist? What is he or she saying?

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    Hi, :)

    I have an appointment this Friday. He never contacted me with the results.

    I am wondering if a basic thyroid panel is sufficient for thyroid cancer monitoring or if I should be ordering thyroid panel tumor markers.

    Looking back recently through my years of testing I've realized, my endocrinologist has ordered these tests (TgAb, Tg, TSH etc.). He either orders each test separately, as a thyroid panel or thyroid tumor markers.

    I've spoken with Quest Diagnostics and their regular Thyroid Panel is for individuals with an intact thyroid but I am thinking TgAb and Tg levels would be the same if we had a thyroid or not. I may be wrong

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    Trust your doctors. You will go crazy otherwise with the what ifs. If you know and trust your doctors, don't second guess. Trust. FIRST IN JESUS, then in them.

    My 5 year battle was spent with the same team of doctors I knew had my best interest at heart. I knew it.

  • Beth67
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    Thank you. You're right in needing to trust my Dr's. After my recent appointment with my endocrinologist to discuss my recent lab results, I've realized I need a new Dr. Scary to think he doesn't feel an elevated TgAb needs to be investigated. He also doesn't feel an elevated TgAb scues the Tg results.