High Kappa Light Chains

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I've been off and on sick since 2015. First in 2015 I woke up in extreme pain all over my body. Drs didn't know what it was. After about 9 months of being in pain I switched to a whole foods plant-based diet in early 2016 and I got better. About 2 years later I got sick again. A lot of body pain. Then I went on a super crazy health diet. Still plant based. Just mostly raw foods. I felt really good. But again, I started eating the unhealthy vegan junk foods again in late 2020. In early 2020 I all of a sudden came down with a case of frozen shoulder. It was terrible. And no one knew how I got it. In October 2021 I woke up in the worst pain across my entire back. I was sweating profusely, couldn't walk, confused, disoriented and so much more. I didn't go to the hospital. I ended up smoking ridiculous amounts of marijuana for the pain. It helped. I got to the doctor that week and I was sent for many tests. But everything was mostly fine. My mom told me that it sounded like I had a stroke. So I made an appointment to see a rheumatologist and neurologist. The rheumatologist said they didn't know what was wrong. And I did test positive for an autoimmune disease but they don't which one. Nothing comes up when testing for autoimmune diseases except sjogrens syndrome. And she said I didn't have it even though I tested positive for it. And the neurologist said I had a meningioma in my sella turcica ( no stroke) and my spine was compressed in my cervical area. So they did an emergency surgery and did a fusion to relieve the compression. I was told my neck would feel better. It didn't help. My blood work showed a few months ago that I had high phosphorus and potassium too. So I asked my PCP to give me a nephrologist referral. I went to see a nephrologist. I was told to watch my potassium and phosphorus. My GFR was at 73. But a year prior it was at 63. But after all the tests I was cleared of kidney disease. I got stressed wondering what's wrong with me and I started eating crap again. It definitely doesn't help with the inflammation. I got sick again this year. About 1 months ago. My tests showed high Kappa Light Chains. My pain is worse this time. Hurts to walk, feels like my thighbone wants to come out my hip when I turn, feels like carpal tunnel in the left arm, so fatigued, nauseous everyday, no appetite ( unless I smoke marijuana), weird stabbing pains in my toes, feet tops, sides of stomach, and thighs, and my spine and ribs hurt really bad. Sorry I know I've said A lot. This is the first place I'm turning to to talk to others. I'm so sad and a mess. I'm scared I have multiple myeloma or any other plasma disorder. Or some other type of cancer. My question is: does my illness sound familiar? Have any of you gone through this? And yes I guess I want to know if high Kappa Light Chains mean cancer? :-( I'm not asking for an opinionated diagnosis, just trying to prepare my mental on this. I'm scared. Any recommendations on tests or who to see would be great. But I do have a hematologist appointment coming up on July 10th.


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    I forgot to add that I'm 48 and my symptoms started when I turned 40. It's been a ride.