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Hi everyone. I know I am a real anomaly here, as I’m only 39 and female and was diagnosed with bladder cancer in 2021 when I was 37. It was Ta, removed with TURBT, and follow up cystoscopies were performed every three months.

I am now 39 and have had two small reoccurrences the past few months I also just found out I am pregnant. Is there anyone else out there who has experienced pregnancy and bladder cancer at the same time? I am so sad and scared because I feel pretty certain the cancer is back already again. (I have terrible pressure and urgency.) I don’t know if it’s safe to wait until after the baby is born to treat or if there’s anything that can be done while pregnant. I don’t want to risk my life to carry the baby to term but I also really want this child. Does anyone have any experience in this or can anyone suggest a doctor or hospital that might be able to help me? Please help me. I am so depressed and desperate.


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    One of the best resources for curated medical information on bladder cancer is found at They also have a direct help line to Cancer Care, a support organization.

    Bladder cancer has a habit of recurring , but it is manageable if you stay on top of it. Ta is the least severe and the simplest to deal with. A medical professional is the only one that is qualified to provide treatment recommendations.

    Some of top researchers and urologists can be found at NCI hospitals. Do an internet search for NCI hospitals, and hopefully there is one near you.

    Hope this helps.