Got a letter from the Oncologist...

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This one was more of a "Dont' let the door hit you on the butt on the way out." kind.

It was addressed to my PC doc, letting him know that I was to be under his continuing care, and would not be seen by my oncologist in the future, as I was deemed to be not at risk of having a recurrence. HOORAY! It's only taken 17 years to reach this point, with no type of questionable tests within the previous 5 years.

It is a relief and an odd feeling. No more CT's, at least for cancer. Kinda like ringing the bell when you finish with infusions/drugs, which I didn't have to have.

Now I'll just see my PC and my Nephrologist. After all, my one kidney is only 80 years old and still hanging in with an eGFR of 32-27, whch bounces me between CKD of 3b and 4a. At least my blood pressure was 130/70 at my last visit.

And today hubby and I celebrate 59 years married. Last month, the youngest grandson graduated from the University, and our youngest grand-d will be a Sr. in high school.

Hope my friends are still hanging in with Cancer Support, and you newbies have all by best wishes for successful surgeries/recoveries/treatments, etc. It's a bouncy road. Be your own advocate, eat right and exercise. Here's to success for all.



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    Donna Lee you always give me such hope! Sounds like you are living life to the full, as I am trying to do. Grateful every day. Take care ~

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    Congratulations! I know it's a weird feeling! All the best to you and your family.

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    You're an inspiration, Donna. Congrats!

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    What a lovely news!!!!!! From Stage 4 to "no probability of recurrance" !

    Hugs and kisses!



  • Mmoses25
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    Congratulations donna

  • Bay Area Guy
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    Congrats on both the “release letter” and the anniversary! My wife and I are only 44 years in.