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Hello everyone,

I am living with my sister (we own a house together). She was diagnosed with breat cancer in Dec 0f 2022. She did her first 6 rounds of chemo and is awaiting surgery options. We found out she is being laid off in Aug 2023 since they are closing their entire manufacturing facility. She is currently on state disability to help pay her monthly bills and rent. I have started a gofundme and got some donations (less then $300). I work 12+ hours, and and and introvert so not one for organizing fundraising events. I was wondering if there are programs or resources that help financially? Her medical bills are adding up and her disability will stop eventually. She is job hunting but unsure if and when she can actually start working I just dont know what resources are out there. We rely on both our incomes to fund our household (especially since CA is so expensive). Any recommendations would be most appreciated. Thank you in advance.


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    Please check out this organization that is offering money to people financially impacted by medical expenses. The grants are not huge, but every little bit helps.

    NASBI Heart Wishes Fund at

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    Susan G Komen site has an application for financial assistance and depending on your diagnosis it can range from $500-$750.

    I just checked out the above website. It looks like a great option. From what I read, it sounds like you have to submit application by 8.1 (unless I read it wrong).

    Does anyone else have any suggestions? I got an infection in my breast 1 month after my surgery and have been in and out of the hospital 3 times since the beginning of August. I am on a wound vac and hope to get that removed this week. Because of the infection I have not been able to even start my breast cancer treatment. My short term disability will end before my radiation begins. Losing the 2 weeks pay to satisfy the waiting time for the short term disability to kick in, the additional expenses incurred from the infection, surgeries and co pays I am financially wiped out.