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I was diagnosed with pc back in 2021 I was scared to find out so I wanted a year to find out and when I did I was full blown stage 4 my psa level was at 98.8 did 5 chemotherapy my psa got down to 1 started taken cancer pills went back now my psa is back up around .40 having to do 8 more rounds of chemotherapy my iron down to .2 I’m so scared


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    Hi BrianV,

    Sorry to hear about your diagnosis, hopefully the chemo will kick your Prostate cancer in the u know what. I would assume your cancer has spread outside of your Prostate, to what other point(s) of your body has it spread? You said you were on cancer pills, what is the name of that medication? What was your Gleason score? With more information maybe we can share some of our experiences to help you.

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    Hi Brian,

    I’m sorry that you find yourself in this predicament. Where are you treating? Is it a Cancer Center of Excellence? You must keep up hope. Modern medicine has many tricks up its sleeve to keep the cancer at bay for many years. Let us know more details, age, results of scans, proposed treatments, and we will be happy to give support.