Dad-Liver Cancer

May 2015 my dad was diagnosed with a tumor the size of a gulf ball and a small mass on his lung. He is wine alcoholic as well and was also diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver. In June 2015 he was recommended by the tumor board to ablate the tumor (burn) on his liver and keep an eye on his lung. In Sept 2015 4th MRI/CT scan since May 2015 an the multiply lesions has showed up and at this point we know that the ablated tumor was in fact cancer. The lungs has multiply lesions that popped up as well. In Oct it was time to review all of the reports/procedures and discuss the current and next step in the battle with the liver doc. The liver doc referred us to Oncology with a poor prognois and we are looking at months of life. Basically its no cure but they can treat this with a chemo pill form to prolong his life. I am his only child and I am loosing my mind. From requesting a second opinion, researching multiply cancer stories and treatments. I done had multiply panic attacks trying to look in all directions to help my father fight this battle. I am lost can any one help me with what I can aspect at stage 4 liver cancer with my dad. I also need to know what kind of treatment has been  tested or have experience with? Any think at this point I would appreciate it. thanks 


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    My mom has live cancer too.

    My mom has live cancer too. she has been prescribed Nexavar 400 mg twice  a day. 

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    I am so sorry for you and your dad. I have primary liver cancer, and it hasn't spread elsewhere. I am told that I am at stage 4 like your dad. I am getting chemotherapy with a pump that I have to "wear" for two days after getting chemo on site. It seems the treatment is helping because my last scan showed much improvement.

    best of luck to you