Did anyone experience this as primary symptoms

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Hello, My name is Rob. For over a month now I have experienced a mass amount of clear mucus production to the point of gagging. There was blood in some but since my nightly nosebleeds stopped so did the blood in the mucus. Now it's just clear mucus mainly in the A.M. or after I eat a big meal. Mild dysphagia with no chest pain. My stool is not black, no cough, no chronic nausea, no vomiting. Barium swallow scheduled. The only symptoms I have that are constant is the mucus and the mild dysphagia. SEVERE anxiety over this to the point of shut down. Thanks in advance and I hope you all have the best day you can <3



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    Hi Rob,

    Your symptoms do not sound like "typical" symptoms of esophageal cancer. Typical symptoms would include:

    1. Food getting "stuck" while swallowing
    2. Feel of a lump in your throat
    3. Chest pain around the sternum or back pain just to the right of your shoulder blade
    4. Hiccups while eating

    Your symptoms sound more like an upper respiratory infection or a diverticulum (pocket) in your throat.

    By the way this site is not very active. I would recommend posting your questions in the esophageal cancer section of the "Smart Patients" web site at https://www.smartpatients.com/