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I had my yearly mammogram. I have a history of breast cancer on both sides of my family. I was called back in a week to come in ASAP to have a diagnostic mammogrgam. This was done yesterday. Tech left and told me to wait. Dr came in and told me I had a close cluster of 5 calcifications on my left breast that were different sizes and needed to have a biopsy done as soon as possible as they were not there a year ago. I am scared and confused. What can I expect?


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    I am currently a couple of steps ahead of you. My first words are those of encouragement. They have caught your calcifications at very early stages and the prospect is very positive. My personal experience was positive on the biopsy for Mirco Invasive Carcinoma. I have completed the lumpectomy and seem to be recovering well. I have only been sick from a cold that I contracted in the hospital! I have another lumpectomy on my other breast scheduled for next week and I expect that to proceed as well as the last procedure. I have an appointment with a Radiation Oncologist next week to discuss treatment. Everything I have read about my BC is very positive and the outcome very very positive, in the 99 percentile positive for success. So please be encouraged this is just a process we as women have to go through. But following the protocol set out by your doctor you should put you back in the saddle again so to speak.

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    Hi, Lisamess!

    The biopsy's can be a little intimidating, but they should not be painful. They will numb you with lydocaine (or another similar numbing agent) so you shouldn't feel anything but pressure. If you feel anything sharp or painful tell the doctor immediately so he/she can give you more painkillers. You will be a little sore afterwards, but keep an ice pack handy and it's usually only for a day or two.

    Remember that most biopsies come back with benign or non-cancerous results. Don't stress overmuch... the one thing that got me through all of the waiting and anxiety to hear the next test result was my husband saying "Take it one day at a time - don't look too far ahead or worry about what might not happen." This is SO important... you can drive yourself crazy with the "What If's." Don't do that to yourself if you can help it - it's hard not to go down that road and you will, but stop yourself as soon as you realize you're doing it because your situation will be different from everyone else's and it will look nothing like what you imagine.

    Best wishes! Let us know how things go!

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    I'm just a bit ahead in the journey with a positive diagnosis for invasive carcinoma and awaiting treatment. It is more common that's it's benign. The biopsy for me was very scary but ended up being a good experience and did not hurt. Definitely take someone with you though since it's very hard emotionally but not physically. They numb you and then it just takes a few minutes. They will give you an ice pack, mine was a pink heart:) You do feel mild pain after because the numbing wears off but just keep ice on it off and on for 24 hours and you'll be great. The hardest part was waiting for a call. Mine was 24 hours later.