Best Hospital or the most success and experience with Peritoneal Cancer

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My mom was diagnosed with metastatic ovarian cancer mid last year. She has had 7 rounds of chemo. By the end of last year her c125 numbers had returned to normal range but the ct showed no shrinkage of the "tumors" (Mucinous Adenocarcinomas). She had a consult at MDA. We were hoping for HIPEC. They pegged the cancer as likely GI instead of Ovarian but suggested she stay on the current Chemo and add Avastin. Her local doctor wanted to do surgery. They stopped Chemo. Her C125 stayed low but her CEA creeped up. The surgery was unsuccessful. Her doctor has given her 6 months to a year. Off Chemo her c125 went back up. After a couple of chemos post-surgery her C125 has not gone up or down but the CEA is inching up. I am now interested in IP Chemotherapy. From the post here it seems Sloan K has some success. Is there a more experienced hospital?

I also wanted to get advice. Another local hospital has said they do IP Chemo. They are ranked one for the state according to the best hospital list. I don't know if I should take her to the other local hospital for a consultation or just go to a hospital that has expressed experience with Mucinous Adenocarcinomas.


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    One hospital being ranked the best or otherwise is typically not, on it own, a deciding factor. What if the surgeon is the best but the nursing is not? What if the other surgeon is weak but the ICU staff is amazing? Point being go to a place with experience in the field and where you all feel comfortable. Sloan K is hard to beat from the perspective of experience and rankings but maybe a local hospital offers the same quality outcomes too and where you’ll feel more comfortable.

    Checkout Roswell Park in Buffalo. World class and helped my wife’s peritoneal situation.

    All the best.

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    Thanks for the feedback. I did see Roswell was one of the first to do HIPEC. I think I will go to the local hospital (OU) to see what they can do of my mother. LOL, I asked Chatgpt.