Lymphoma (N.H.L ) T cell

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Hi everyone

My son have 2.5 yers old

He have lymphoma non hodgkin T cell on stage4

How Can help me? What is this



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    The best thing is to talk to Oncologist doctors for pediatrics. You have basic information of treatable cancer here but need to plan for the care of your son with doctors. A message board is not going to get you a treatment plan. Look up Oncology doctors in your area.

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    Sorry to hear this. Where are you located?

    T-Cell Lymphoma is a cancer of white blood cells called "T lymphocytes" It is noramlly found collected into lymph nodes in the body ( there are humdreds of them) and those are called tumors. It is normal for lymphoma t produce many tumors - much more than other cancers. But Lymphoma is called a "liquid cancer" as it circulates inn the lymphatic system, which is part of the body's circulatory system. There are now many more option in ttreatment than when I was diagnosed with T-Cell Lymphoma in 2008. However, you need a specialist in treating children with T-Cell Lymphoma. I would be happy to help find such a doctor, if you do not already have one for your son.

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    Thank you very much my friend 🙏

    Doctor take protocol for my son.

    One week chemical and 2 week rest.

    But my son body very small and chemical make down

    W.b.c & platelets and make up ESR &CRP to hi also my contry have sanctions for medical.

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    Hi, thank you very much for answering, I live in Iran my son is now being treated under the supervision of an oncology doctor, but the doctor says that because he is in stage 4 of the disease, it is hard to treat and may not work. The doctor uses these drugs for my son. Cyclophosphomaide _ Mesna _ Metatrectide _ Citarabine _ Dextrobin _ Vincristine _ Rufulin

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    Lymphoma can be treated at all stages! I have been stage IV twice. Here is what I received as primary treatment:

    Cyclofosfamide, Doxorubicin, Vincristine, Etoposide, Prednisone 4 cycles/14 day cycle. Then immediately onto Gemcitabine, Vinorelbine and Doxil for two more months at maximum doses. However, I immediately relapsed.

    After I relapsed, I received Istodax (Romidepsin) for 4-1/2 years. I was in full remission.

    After second relapse, I received:

    Alisertib as a single experimental drug. Was not effective.

    Then Pralatrexate as a single drug. Was not effective.

    Then Belinostat as a single drug. Was not effective.

    At this time I had three different cancers (2 T-Cell Lymphomas and MDS, a marrow cancer). The last drug regimen I received was:

    Bendamustine, Etoposide and Carboplatin (TEC). Then, I received a stem cell transplant in 2015.

    My case was very unusual, and T-Cell Lymphomas often require several drugs to treat. Children can receive heavier doses than adults, as they are more resilient. I will use Google Translate into Persian:

    لنفوم در تمام مراحل قابل درمان است! من دو بار در مرحله چهارم بودم. در اینجا چیزی است که من به عنوان درمان اولیه دریافت کردم: سیکلوفسفامید، دوکسوروبیسین، وینکریستین، اتوپوزید، پردنیزون 4 چرخه / چرخه 14 روزه. سپس بلافاصله جمسیتابین، وینورلبین و دوکسیل را برای دو ماه دیگر با حداکثر دوز مصرف کنید. با این حال، بلافاصله عود کردم. پس از عودم، ایستوداکس (رومیدپسین) را به مدت 4-1/2 سال دریافت کردم. من در بهبودی کامل بودم. پس از عود دوم، دریافت کردم: Alisertib به عنوان یک داروی تجربی منفرد. موثر نبود. سپس پرلاترکسات به عنوان یک داروی منفرد. موثر نبود. سپس Belinostat به عنوان یک داروی منفرد. موثر نبود. در این زمان من سه سرطان مختلف داشتم (2 لنفوم سلول T و MDS، یک سرطان مغز). آخرین رژیم دارویی که دریافت کردم این بود: بنداموستین، اتوپوزید و کربوپلاتین (TEC). سپس در سال 2015 پیوند سلول های بنیادی را دریافت کردم. مورد من بسیار غیرعادی بود و لنفوم سلول T اغلب برای درمان به چندین دارو نیاز دارد. کودکان می توانند دوزهای سنگین تری نسبت به بزرگسالان دریافت کنند، زیرا انعطاف پذیرتر هستند.

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    Thank you so much for giving me your experience. I hope that as soon as possible my son and everyone involved with the disease will recover as soon as possible. I'll show my doctor the list of these drugs that you said might help. Now my son is very nervous after receiving chemotherapy drugs and he's all in his head, could this be a side effect of chemotherapy drugs? Thank you for translating the answer for me into Persian. I also use the software to write English text, hopefully it's without problems. With respect.

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    As to the effects of chemotherapy drugs, they can be very mild, or serious. Regarding your son, you might ask doctor how to help your child to accept the therapy. I am praying for your son!

    در مورد اثرات داروهای شیمی درمانی، آنها می توانند بسیار خفیف یا جدی باشند. در مورد پسرتان، ممکن است از پزشک بپرسید که چگونه به فرزندتان کمک کند تا درمان را بپذیرد. من برای پسرت دعا می کنم!

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    Thank you very much 🌹🙏