Estrogen Matters Book - ER+ HRT information

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This book says this gynecological oncologist says the information is wrong and estrogen is safe for us and she’s using with her patients What do you veterans think? she’s doing a podcast now but I’m not yet allowed to post links it’s by Avrum Bluming and carol Tavris - Dr Melody Rodarte is using it with her patients


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    lbeck, please understand that none of us here are doctors. There are some medically trained individuals and some who do a ton of research that they share, but it would irresponsible for any of us to give advice.

    I realize that HRT is used to help regulate so many things, and it is controversial in whether or not it causes BC, and while I didn't listen to the podcast I did see during a quick search that is part of the conversation there.

    I can only suggest after your hysterectomy, find out exactly what kind of cancer you are dealing with and have a serious conversation with your doctors. I hear how it helps individuals and it sounds like it has helped you over the years. In the end, we all have options on what we want to do. The NCCN guidelines may help you, they are updated regularly and I have attached the latest.

    Please try to take a breath and have your questions ready.

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    Thank you for your answers - obviously I need to get rid of cancer first but before I had any idea this could happen to me as I have none of the risk factors and it doesn’t run in my family - BHRT was a life changer and gave me back quality of life - but I’m looking to fat ahead - I appreciate your time and response