Radiation Recovery

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On 9/8/22 I was diagnosed with low-grade glioma of the brainstem. I underwent surgery on 8/23. Resection was not possible. I completed 6-weeks of radiation treatment on November 11. I am seeking to understand what recovery looks like. I am still quite sick. Mornings are typically best, but by 1:00 pm I am 'sick'. It's difficult to describe because the nausea isn't like nausea associated with the flu or food poisoning. I have extreme fatigue. When nausea and fatigue set in my limbs feel like they are in cement blocks. I am supposed to start working again this coming week. I need to as I am a single parent and need the income and benefits. However, these symptoms make it difficult to think clearly.

Can you tell me if this is common? What remedies helped to alleviate this? I'm open to alternative options, nutrition, physical therapy...

Thank you.


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    How are you feeling now? I hope better. Radiation caused brain swelling for me, which my doctor prescribed steroids to reduce the swelling. It took a good 6 weeks for me to regain a state of new "normal", but eventually it dissipated, and I now am doing well.

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    Hi @greatdayinmt,

    I hope you are on the up and up from the radiation sickness. I have a similar Grade 2 Diffuse Astrocytoma in my brainstem and they were unable to perform surgery. I went on steroids too for a while but they made me a little insane. My doctor recommended American Ginseng and acupuncture, which both seem to be working. Also, make sure they check your Vitamin D levels when you get bloodwork. That seems to help me a lot.

    They told me three weeks for radiation sickness recovery and it ended up being more like 3-4 months and as @greatfulGBfighter mentioned it being longer than expected. I agree with the new normal sentiment.

    Look into your state and federal disability (and apply for federal ASAP, it takes forever) as well as FMLA to protect your job.

    Hang in there,