Have to get a molar pulled

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I am a thirteen-year survivor of nasopharyngeal cancer. Through the years, I have spent thousands on my teeth. I had a molar that had a crown on it. It decided to come loose and fall off. Now I need to have the root pulled out. My dentist has put me on two meds. Pentoxifylline and vitamin E to ward off osteoradionecrosis. Will have to get a bridge. More money. I wish they had pulled all my teeth prior to my radiation. I have read about positive outcomes HBOT treatment, but read they have discontinued that treatment for us head and neck cancer survivors. What can we do? We need medical insurance to cover our dental problems caused by cancer treatment. How can we do this? Good to meet you all and if I can be of any help for newbies, I will be happy to help with what I can.



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    Why did they discontinue HBOT for head and neck? I am sorry about your tooth. A 13 year survivor is awesome. Bless you and good luck with the tooth. Wish I had more to add about teeth.

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    Yes, Paula, I am not sure if it is just considered the best treatment now or not. I had HBOT one other time. I was recently back to my oral surgeon to have a tooth removed that had broken off. Luckily it was an upper tooth and he felt it was out of the radiati0on field enough to pull it without previous treatment such as HBOT. I asked him about other teeth later and if they need to be pulled would I need to get HBOT again and he said no I wouldn't get that again I would get the Pentoxifylline and vitamin E mentioned earlier. I would like a better explanation of this and the HBOT treatment and if this is what they are recommending now. He seemed busy at the time so I couldn't discuss it at length. I may try to send an email to his office and then he can answer my questions when he has time. Maybe the insurance companies are involved in the reason for this. I don't know but if I get some answers I will let the group know.

    Take Care, God Bless-Russ