Lung cancer and plural effusion

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I was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2021 treated with chemo and radiation. Now there is fluids in the lung with catheter to drain since August 2022. It is being drained three times a week and it has not stopped.

Has anyone had the experience and how did you and your Dr handle or treat it.



  • dennycee
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    Hi, I haven’t been here in a while and decided to check in. When I had issues with my pleural effusion they decided to do a talc thoracotomy. They blow a bit of talc into the pleural cavity and it causes the parietal and visceral pleura to fuse together so no fluids can form in there.

    Mine had to be cancelled because the pleura had become loculated. Picture bubble wrap with fluid in the bubbles. I had a PleurX catheter put in but it was only there for a month.