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Hi everyone,

We got the following bed and mattress for my mom.

But she seems to be so uncomfortable with this bed always. Any idea why?

She keeps saying that it is slipping and sliding even if the bed is flat.

Also, she is not happy with any pillow. I even got her a wedge pillow ( after seeing that it helps with Acid Reflux too. But she does not like this either.

I would love for her to rest comfortably but am at a loss to see how I can help her for the bed and pillow choice.

Thank you so much and I look forward to your suggestions.

Fyi -- she is undergoing chemotherapy (and this is her 7th cycle).

Best regards



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    I'm sorry you and your Mom are having a hard time getting her comfortable. Was she too hot in her previous bed? Is she a heavy person or slight? If I had a patient who was complaining about their bed, I would also check her joint comfort. Is the bed too firm for her? We used to change pillows for a fresh cool one. Maybe she would like the My Pillow which conforms to her neck and head, and she can shape it how she likes. Also a back rub with cool lotion would give comfort to patients on bed rest. I know she isn't but it helped general comfort. She may be depressed too. She can be assessed by her family doctor and maybe treated. Also you might ask about Palliative Care. It does not require her to end treatment. They come in to your home and help make your mother more comfortable. Her family doctor could help with some of these issues.