Keytruda/Lenvima side effects

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Hello group. I've been dealing with my kidney cancer diagnosis for 11 years now. I've had surgeries, radiation, immunotherapy, you name it over the years to knock the disease back, and I've handled it all pretty well.

Last fall my doctor started me on a combination of a Keytruda infusion, every 6 weeks now, and a daily dose of Lenvima (lenvatinib). After three months a CT scan revealed progress, it's working!

My problem is side effects, specifically foot pain. Walking, good long walks, has been my therapy over the years, even before the cancer came on the scene. The soles of my feet hurt so bad now that walking long distances is out of the question. Does anyone have any experience with reducing the pain? My oncologist said we can reduce the dose, but I'm reluctant to do that, it's doing the job.

On the bright side, I've been reading a whole lot of good books these days!


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    Hi I don't have any good advice, I haven't dealt with hfs yet. I admire your 11 year journey and hope you get some relief so you can walk again. I've heard some creams might help? Hope someone else knows. All the best to you. 🙏

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    mdc2012 wrote: "The soles of my feet hurt so bad now that walking long distances is out of the question."

    I know you're seeking input regarding the new meds you're on, but if you'll excuse me I have a different question relating to the facts you've described. If you do know, could you tell how the kidney cancer is connected with the pain in the soles of your feet? My question isn't idle curiosity. I too, another kidney cancer patient, have pain, hardening and cracking in the soles of my feet, though I don't ever walk barefoot. If you do understand the kidney/footsole connection, I'd very much appreciate your describing it here. Unfortunately, I'm a very recent kidney cancer patient (diagnosed 11/30/22; radical nephrectomy 1/9/23) and have no experience with the medications you've named, so I can't help answer your own questions. The best of luck with your own search!

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    The pain in the soles of my feet is one of the side effects of the Keytruda/Lenvima regimen I'm on. If I stopped taking them the pain would go away but the cancer would then revive.

    I don't know of any connection between kidney cancer and painful feet. Sounds like a good question to bring up at your next appointment.

    Good luck with your treatment plan, the advancements made over the last few years give me hope, and every year something else is learned.

    Stick with whatever treatment the doctors suggest, but more importantly live your life.

    Good luck with the foot pain

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    If you haven't already, check out the forum at smartpatients. While I have no experience with your treatment, I know they discuss the foot side effects over there and you could find some useful tips there.

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    Sorry to hear you are having trouble with side effects of the Keytruda/Lenvima. I started this same cocktail about 7 weeks ago. I do 14mg Lenvima daily and the Keytruda every 3 weeks for stage 4 kidney cancer. So far doing pretty well with it except sore/sensitive mouth... use to love spicy foods like hot chicken wings... and diarrhea. Even brushing teeth sometimes feels like I'm drinking hot sauce. No sore feet yet, but perhaps a coming attraction. I have a friend doing a similar cocktail of Keytruda/Inlyta and they are having sore feet issues. She attributes it to the meds, but like you the meds are working and hates to stop or reduce anything. Hopefully you will find some way to limit the pain and get back to walking, but I am hopeful I get similar good results as you are getting with the cancer. If my friend finds any ways to help her sore feet I'll come back and pass it along.